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We’re in business because we’re driven to see yours succeed. We genuinely want the best for you and will go above and beyond to bring order to your finances, so you can spend time on the things that matter most.


Bookkeepers Extraordinaire! We listen to business owners and we love to give you the help you need when you need it. If you are feeling overwhelmed with bookkeeping or simply have no idea where to begin, contact us and we will happily get you on track with set up or training. Registered BAS Agent with Tax Practitioners Board.


June has fine-tuned the bookkeeping experience to be efficient, proactive, and valuable to small to medium sized businesses in Australia. Empowering businesses is what drives her to deliver this first-rate service for clients of any scale and industry.


Here’s what our valued clients have to say about our service.

My business tripled in size in a matter of months and I needed to change from a business to a company and put over 25 employees on the books. I had no idea what and how to do this or how to do payroll as I had always only paid subcontractors. It was all very daunting and Payroll was extremely confusing but luckily I had June in my corner who took care of everything for me and made sure it was all smooth sailing.

She also taught me how to use Xero so that I can better keep on top of invoicing and track business expenses and am now confident doing payroll myself. Safe to say it would have been a nightmare without June doing my bookkeeping
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Jason Caggiano
June and the team at Bookkeeping Matters have been instrumental in assisting us set out and run our small business. The team are incredibly supportive and I love their proactive approach in assisting us prepare and monitor bookkeeping, payroll and superannuation matters.

The team have taken the time to get to know us and our business and we can't thank them enough for their continued assistance and prompt response to any queries we have.
Lizzie Hart
Carter Real Estate
I’m so impressed with June and the team at Bookkeeping Matters. They provide so much support, knowledge and expertise. I always receive a prompt reply to my queries and am provided with sufficient information which helps me educate myself. I always receive friendly personal reminders from the team of any upcoming lodgements that need doing and I have a great relationship with them.

June is very patient and she has taught me a lot about bookkeeping, payroll, reconciling and how to utilise Xero. I would definitely recommend June to anyone as she is very dedicated, thorough, committed and highly skilled in all areas of bookkeeping, BAS and Accounting.
Accutemp Services Pty Ltd
As the owner of a small landscaping business, my strengths lie in designing gardens and managing my team of four, not bookkeeping. June not only set my business up with the right software for us but educated me on proper financial practice. With her ongoing support, I have absolute confidence knowing everything is up-to-date and in good hands.
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Matt Bradley
Instant Lawn Adelaide
If it weren’t for June, I’d be caught up in a world of tax debt or buried in paperwork somewhere. It’s a scary thought, but nowhere near as terrifying as having to manage my books, single handedly.

June has whipped my financials into shape and kept them on the straight and narrow for years now. I cannot thank her and the team enough.
Anthony Norris
Grand Auto Wreckers
June and the team at Bookkeeping Matters have been a godsend. Being able to trust them to have the figures sorted on time, teaching me how to get the most out of the software and keeping me accountable for the things I want to do myself are just a few reasons I would recommend their services.

It is empowering to finally be able to click an icon and see exactly what my business financials are…Thank you
Ahrns Carpentry & Cabinets
Brenton Ahrns
AHRNS Carpentry & Cabinets
Over the years, we have referred many of our clients to Bookkeeping Matters. Experience has shown how thorough and diligent June is with her bookkeeping services, and knowing our customers’ books have been managed properly allows us to advise them about their business with confidence.
Bookkeeping Matters testimonials
Greg Sheridan
Sheridans Accountants and Financial Planners Pty Ltd
I cannot put a price on the time, energy, and money June, and Bookkeeping Matters save me each week. Managing the financials isn’t my strong point, so I trust Bookkeeping Matters to balance the books while I focus on what I do best – running my business! June has always delivered, and I’d have no hesitation recommending her to other small business owners.
Brenton Tilbrook
Rubrents Café.
We have used Bookkeeping Matters for many years with all aspects of our bookkeeping and payroll. June has continually kept us updated on the most efficient ways to manage our business. Under her advice we upgraded our accounting software and more recently began to use Dext (no more lugging paper files around). The concept of change is always daunting, but the time savings in our office have been remarkable.

June is approachable, knowledgeable and thorough, her bookkeeping service is a huge asset to our business. Steve and Ruth Goodfellow
Allan Carter
Inoutside were very lucky to find Bookkeeping Matters for all of our booking keeping work.

June has gone above and beyond for Inoutside, her attention to detail, promptness and also her knowledge across all Government and private sectors shows that she is constantly keeping up with changes.

We are extremely happy with the service we receive from Bookkeeping Matters and highly recommend them.
Sales and Customer Service Team Inoutside
We can’t thank June and the team at book keeping matters enough. They offer a highly professional service and display a key attentional to detail allowing us to concentrate on the business at hand. Without accessing the services provided we would be struggling to keep up and maintain compliance for the business.
Port Burger
Shana Dunn
Port Burger


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